Advanced Moisjito - Serum in Oil - Moisturizing cocktail for all skin types


Advanced MOISJITO - Product details

Designed to simplify your skincare routine, Advanced MOISJITO is a serum and moisturizer in one single bottle that immediately plumps, nourishes and repairs your skin. Composed of 5nm Nano-hyaluronic Acid (Nano-HA), the deeply moisturizing XpertMoist® and Pure Greek Kalamata Olive-derived Squalane enhanced by the nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) technology, this powerful antioxidant serum-in-oil skin cocktail delivers the deepest hydration to your skin, preventing and repairing any damages caused by transepidermal water loss. Helps to maintain the perfect oil and water balance for your skin, our secret formula mimics the ideal biological distribution of emollients and humectants in the skin cross-section to revive, rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin from within and on the surface. The result? Strong, supple, healthy skin with a natural glow that makes you wonder whether you still need all that makeup.

Designed and manufactured in the US.

Not Tested On Animals.
30 ml/ 1.01 fl.oz 

What makes our formula unique?

5nm Nano HA: Our high-affinity nano-HA with a diameter of 5nm effectively penetrates through the dermal layers to deliver the deepest hydration, giving your skin an unparalleled sense of comfort.

XpertMoist®: Made for sensitive skin and preservative-free, XpertMoist® has intensive moisturizing and regenerating effects that prevent and repair damages to the skin caused by transepidermal water loss, while promoting penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Greek Kalamata Olive-derived Squalane: Our 100% plant-derived squalane extracted from Greek Kalamata olives is a naturally soothing, anti-oxidant wonder that scavenges free radicals. This quick-absorbing emollient enhances the skin’s regenerative process. Say goodbye to dry fine lines and acne scarring.

Results you can expect in 7 days:

96% increase in skin hydration

55% increase skin firmness and elasticity

40% decrease in the depth of wrinkles

Helps to maintain the perfect oil and water balance for your skin, the solution mimics biological distribution of emollients in the human skin cross-section, so your skin can be rejuvenated and rehydrated from both within and on the surface.

Designed and manufactured in the US, MOISJITO is suitable even for sensitive skin.


85%...O2-infused Nano-hyaluronic Acid

10%...100% Organic Olive-derived Squalane


0%...Mineral Oils, Fragrance, Parabens, Ethanol, Synthetic Preservatives

Direction of use:

1. Shake well to create the serum-in-oil molecules.

2. Use dropper to directly apply 3 to 4 drops on freshly cleansed, damp face.

3. Gently massage until fully absorbed. Apply AM and PM.

Use with GLOW and TONIC Instant Rescue Ultrafoil Mask for maximum benefits. 


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