If you’re here, you must’ve found the secret message we left you. Congrats!  Firstly thank you for your purchase, and as a token of appreciation, we’d like to welcome you into THE GIVEAWAY ZONE. But no things in life comes free (or does it?). Play by the rules (and they are easy!) to score the next best thing in life: Freebies.


Intrigued? Read on…!


  1. Take a photo with or of your newly-minted Skocktail product (bonus points if you make it into our Insta shoutouts)
  2. Post with the hashtag #sharemyskocktail / #skocktales
  3. Jot your feedback (We’re takers for positives and negatives, be REAL!)
  4. Spin in the lucky draw - ARE YOU THE WINNER?

It’a fair play. So what are you waiting for? May the glo(w)-odds be ever in your favour.


The Skocktail Team