SKOCKTAIL #1 Currently serving: MOISJITO

Price: Glow-worthy

Finding new skincare in the already-swamped landscape can be daunting. We know that cause we, just like you, love scouring for the next best thing for our skin. But more than often than not products underwhelm their overtly-flashy, celebrity-starring Instagram campaigns, not to mention the millions of questions floating about asking of its ingredients, how it’s made, and all the other ifs, and whats.  

That’s when we decided to come up with our own line. Unique blends specially crafted to promise results, be openly honest about the ingredients, and look great in every shelfie. Ensuring that our blends would leave you feeling as good as it looked, we took inspiration from cocktails, an easy everyone favourite, and Skocktail was born - a beautiful marriage between skincare and cocktails, offering skin cocktails that will speak true to the needs of any skin.

With that, we introduce the first concoction to our personalised skin bar - MOISJITO, a double serum that only requires an easy shake and drop for instant glow, moisture, and confidence. Witty enough, and you’ll discover that MOISJITO is a clever play on the all-time favourite Mojito, and just like its alcoholic counterpart, promises to always shake up a good, glorifying time.

Use MOISJITO anywhere - before sleep, on the train, in a club - and at anytime. It’ll brighten your skin with an all-natural glow, refining and balancing skin complexion for that coveted no-makeup look. Now you, too, can honestly claim: ‘ I woke up with like this.’ See ya Beyoncé.


The Skocktail Team 🍸